Shower sustainably

Less energy. Less emission.

Our systems focus on reducing water and energy usage of one of the most wasteful daily routines: taking a shower

Our climate

The planet is warming up. The use of fossil fuels is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

The energy transition

To combat climate change we have to use a lot less energy than we are doing today.

The energy we do end up using needs to be generated sustainably.

Showering & energy

Heating up shower water uses a lot of energy. In an average household heating shower water is about 40% of the total energy usage.

Daily shower usage in Europe

0 liters
hot tap water for showering

About the same as 7,040 Olympic pools per day.

About the same as the weight of 6,850 humpback whales per day.

0 kg CO2
emission to heat up shower water
0 kWh
for heating shower water

About the same as what 52,803 big wind turbines generate per day.

Unimaginable, isn't it?

That’s just the shower usage for Europe. Imagine what it would be for the whole world.

What if we halve our energy usage?

about 0 kg CO2
about 0 kWh

Less per day

Less energy, less emission.

That is exactly what Hamwells stands for

Our shower systems save on energy and water usage.

That’s how we help create a sustainable future for our planet.


The compact circular shower


The heat recovery shower


The circular shower