Sustainable showering

Our mission is to create comfortable shower systems
for a sustainable planet and a brighter future.

Find out how we achieve this.
Sustainable shower Blue


Suitable for project-based construction

Recycles heat from waste water

Rain shower possible

The Blue uses the heat of the used shower water to preheat the cold supply water. Because of this, you have to heat less water. This lowers the energy consumption and CO2 emission.

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sustainable showersystem HomeSpa


Wellness in own bathroom

Recycles water

Rain shower

The HomeSpa brings wellness to your own bathroom. You can enjoy the luxurious feeling with the hand and rain shower. The shower filters and reuses the water. This means you can enjoy long showers without using a lot of water and energy.

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Draagbare douche Loopz


the Endless Shower


Recycles water

Loopz is the portable circulation shower that is ideal for outdoor use. It can be placed anywhere the filter module fits. This is very useful for people that like camping, campervans and more.

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