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Our systems focus on reducing energy and water usage from one of our most wasteful daily activities: showering

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Showering: one of our most wasteful daily activities

Imagine, 446.828.803 European citizens who all like to shower. That’s an enormous waste of water and energy! Below here the European shower consumption per day is shown in numbers.

17.600.000.000 litres consumption

of hot water

17.600.000.000 litres hot water

approximately equals 7.040 Olympic sized swimming pools

164.380.000 kilo CO2 emissions

from heating water

164.380.000 kilo CO2 emissions

approximately equals driving 1.286.168 times from Amsterdam to Milan by car kilowatt hours

needed for showering kilowatt hours

approximately equals the output of 52.803 windmills

Big energy bill, high emission

When zooming in on a modern household, it stands out that about 51% of energy usage is used  on heating shower water. Unnecessary high amounts of energy, carbon emission and a big energy bill are the outcome.

High water wastage

Also, a considerable amount of your water usage is used on showering. You might not always realise this, but your shower water is clean tap water. The purification of this water requires a lot of energy and therefore high emissions. Moreover, this purification isn’t limitless, contributing to the ever increasing water shortage.

There must be another way, right?

Lower water and energy wastage

Adjusting showering habits is one possible move, but what else? Our sustainable shower systems deal with the problem: besides providing the primary needs of hygiene and comfort, we also assure this is done in the most efficient way possible.

Yes, I want to save!

The Blue shower system reuses up to 72.5% of the energy in your wastewater.

The Loopz shower system focuses on reducing water usage for living off-grid.

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