Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about Loopz. Do you have any questions left? Please send a message to loopz@hamwells.com.


Do you provide custom sizes to install into my camper van?

We do not offer any custom sizes. Feel free to trim off the sides and create another type of support yourself. Unfortunately we can’t handle all the different requests.

If you are a distributor, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What is the maximum amount of water the reservoir can handle?

Loopz requires 6L of water to function, so this is the minimum amount of water. The maximum amount of water is 9,5L. However the amount of water will not change the water pressure whatsoever. You will actually waste water.

What is the Loopz’ water flow?

The water flow is around 3 to 4 liters per minute. That may seem like a little however, in combination with the Loopz shower head, this makes a comfortable shower.  

Does the Loopz include a “normal” shower mode in which the water isn’t recycled?

No, it is not possible to switch between different modes. You can create such a system yourself though, using the overflow kit and adding an extra shower head which is connected to a heating system.

Can I connect Loopz to my battery pack or solar panel?

Yes, as long as the battery pack/solar panel provides a steady 12V supply and has the ability to connect to a car adapter or universal adapter.

Can I install the Loopz in my RV, home on wheels or campervan?

Yes, that’s possible! Various customers have installed the Loopz into their van, please have a look at our socials for some examples. Regrettably, we are not van builders ourselves, so please contact a professional builder if you need any advice about how to install Loopz into your van. 

What if one of the Loopz components breaks down?

We offer a 1-year guarantee so not to worry, your component will be replaced. Moreover, we stimulate a lifetime use and offer replacements parts to prevent any unnecessary waste. Please send a message to loopz@hamwells.com if you need any help.

Water filtration

How is the water filtered?

Depending on your model, the water is filtered in a two or three step filtration. More info about the filtration process can be found here.

Is the microfilter reusable?

Yes, definitely! The filter is made of a stainless steel mesh 325 which is very durable. Rinse the filter after each shower to prevent any blockages and you will be able to reuse it.

Do I have to refill the water reservoir for each shower?

Yes, we do advise to drain the reservoir after each shower and refill the water reservoir before each shower. 

Can I use soap?

You can use soap. However, we advise you to limit the amount of soap being used. Substances which dissolve in water are very difficult to filter out, that is why the water does not have the quality of drinking water and your water might get a bit soapy.


Please note, never leave any traces of soap in the environment.

Can I use the remaining water for other purposes? Like doing the dishes.

We do not advise to reuse the water after your shower, you might water your plants (if you did not use any soaps). However, the water does not have the quality of drinking water so we discourage using it for doing the dishes.

Hot shower

Can you have a hot shower with Loopz?

Regrettably, the Loopz doesn’t heat the water, so it is not possible to regulate its temperature. You could fill the reservoir with hot water though or create a hot water setup yourself (please check this example). Besides that, you might be interested to know we are developing a heating element which will be available as an add-on to the current Loopz systems.

Is it possible to add hot water to the water reservoir?

Yes it is! You can add hot water to the water reservoir to enjoy a hot shower. Be aware though that, because of safety reasons, the Loopz will automatically switch off if the water temperature exceeds 45 °C.

If I add hot water to the reservoir, does the water cool down very quickly?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to predict, as it depends on a lot of factors. Do you use the Loopz shower in or outside, do you use some kind of shower tent, what is the water temperature, what is the temperature of your environment, is there a lot of wind etc.. If these factors are favorable, you can have a pleasant shower for a few minutes. 

Is it possible to connect the Loopz to a water boiler?

The Loopz does not have a connection for a heating system. However, it is possible to create a setup yourself. Check out the following example, using the overflow kit.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. We charge a shipping fee depending on your country. These costs are shown in the shopping cart when submitting your address.

What are the shipping costs?

We charge a shipping fee depending on your country. These costs are shown in the shopping cart after submitting your address.

What is the delivery time?

We do our best to produce and ship your order as quickly as possible! That is why we aim to send your Loopz within 5 working days. Unfortunately, we have to deal with some delays in our supply chain at the moment. That’s why shipping may take longer. As soon as your package has left our office, you will receive a track & trace code by email.

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