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Yes, we do ship worldwide. We charge a shipping fee depending on your country. These costs are shown in the webshop’s shopping cart when submitting your address.

No, we do not offer any custom sizes. Feel free to trim off the sides and create another kind of support. If you are a distributor, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The standard version has anchor points and sockets for the tentpoles to combine the Loopz with the Loopz shower tent. The built-in version does not have those sockets and anchor points. Because of this your Loopz will be easier to clean and, when installing your Loopz inside, prevents the floor underneath getting wet. 

Yes it is! You can add hot water to the water reservoir to enjoy a hot shower. Be aware the Loopz will switch off thanks to security restrictions when the water has a temperature above 45 °C. 

Unfortunately this is difficult to tell. It depends on a lot of factors, do you use the Loopz shower in- or outside, do you use the shower tent, what is the water temperature, what is the temperature of your environment, is there a lot of wind etc.. If these factors are favorable, you can have a pleasant shower for a few minutes. 

No this is not possible. There are so many different kinds of products which means different kinds of connections and various demands. We have chosen to offer the following solution to have a hot shower:

  • De overflow kit
    Thanks to the overflow kit you are able to use a water boiler. Instead of connecting the water boiler directly to your Loopz, you will use an additional shower head. (image?) You add the overflow kit, fill the water reservoir with the water boiler and shower. When the water cools down, you add water from the boiler again. The  overflow prevents the water reservoir from flooding. The excessive water goes down the drain. More info about the overflow kit can be found here.
  • Fill the water reservoir with hot water.

Loopz does require 6L of water to function, so this is the minimum amount of water. The maximum amount of water is 9,5L of water. However the amount of water will not do anything for the water pressure or something alike. You actually waste water.

The waterflow is around 4,5 L/min. That may seem little, however in combination with the Loopz shower head this makes a comfortable shower.  

The water is filtered in a two- or three step filtration. More info about the filtration process can be found here.

Yes, we do advise to refill the water reservoir for each shower. Not because of the filters’ quality, but the possibility moisture will find its way inside the Loopz components and grow fungi when you do not dispose the water.

We do not advise to reuse the water after your shower, you might water your plants (if you did not use any soaps during your shower). However, the water does not have the quality of drinking water so that is why we do not recommend doing the dishes with Loopz waste water. 

No it is not possible to switch between different modus. 

However, you can create one yourself using the overflow kit. If you add an additional shower head which is connected to a separate water tank you be able to add water to the Loopz water tank. This way you can upgrade Loopz to a system that does not or completely recycles the water. Or everything in between. Download more information here.

Yes you can if the battery pack/solar panel creates a continuous 12V signal and has the possibility to connect a car adapter or universal adapter. Moreover we are working on a USB-C adapter which will be very helpful regarding this subject. This way you will be able to connect your Loopz to a powerbank.

Yes, you can. If you are planning to install Loopz in your campervan / RV / tiny house etc. we advise to order the built-in version of Loopz. This model does not support the optional shower tent. 

The dimensions of the Loopz Shower Tent are quite big, so it might be hard to fit the tent inside your van. Please check the dimensions here. We designed the Shower Tent for outdoor use, think of shelter,  guy lines, ventilation etc. These features are not desirable when you are planning to use the tent inside your van.

You can use soap during your shower. However, we advise you to limit the amount of soap being used. Substances which dissolve in water are very difficult to filter, that is why the water does not have the quality of drinking water. Your water might get a bit soapy. 

Yes the filter is made of a stainless steel mesh 325 which is very durable. Because of this it is possible to reuse the filter. Please note, it is important to rinse the filter after each shower to prevent any blockages.

First of all we offer a 1-year guarantee. Besides, we made sure all components are replaceable and available to purchase. This way we stimulate a lifetime use and hope to prevent any unnecessary waste. 

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