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What is the Blue?

About the Blue

The Blue is a sustainable, mainly energy-saving shower system. The system uses WWHR (Wastewater Heat Recovery) pipes which recycle the residual heat contained in the shower wastewater in order to preheat the cold tap water. This way, you will need less hot water to maintain the desired shower temperature. Learn more about how the system works by clicking the button below.


A sustainable system certainly doesn’t need to mean that you’ll need to sacrifice on comfort. The Blue cannot be compared to a water saving shower head, the system can handle regular water flows. This will make your shower a moment of relaxation.


All parts making up the Blue are of the highest quality. On top of that the system is designed in such a way that it will need a minimum amount of maintenance. Ideal for large-scale projects.


Because of the Blue’s heat recovery technology, you will use less hot water, which means your hot water supply (like your immersion heater) won’t need to work as hard. This naturally will result in lower energy consumption, which in turn will mean lower carbon emissions. By making a conscious decision in favour of a sustainable shower system you will reduce your impact on the environment. Additionally, the system is designed in such a way that individual parts can be replaced without difficulty, drastically prolonging the system’s lifespan.

Biggest benefits


Curious about the benefits for you?

By considerably reducing the usage of hot tap water, the energy efficiency of your home will be improved. In case of newly developed housing, it will make it easier to conform to nZEB standards. As a homeowner, you will notice the energy efficiency immediately as your energy bill will be lower.

Less energy & CO2

Because of the Blue’s heat recovery technology, less tap water needs to be heated. This results in a reduction of both energy consumption and carbon emission. This in turn will improve the nZEB score of your building or home.

Smaller infrastructure

Less hot water for your shower also means that your boiler or immersion heater will have to heat a smaller amount of water. Due to the lower consumption, the installation can possibly be reduced in size.

Low maintenance

Due to the high flow rate the wastewater reaches in the WWHR pipes, these will be largely self-cleaning. The Blue therefore doesn’t require much more maintenance than a ‘normal’ shower.

What other benefits are there?

What other benefits are there?


How is the heat recycled?

The Blue is a WWHR system which transfers the residual heat from your shower wastewater to your cold tap water. This way, less hot water is needed to keep your shower at the right temperature.


The Blue captures the wastewater in the drain. A sensor inside it detects the presence of water. When water is detected, it will start to pump up the wastewater.


The warm wastewater is pumped up by a diaphragm pump. This pump is specifically designed to handle drainage from showers and sinks, so soap and hair are no problem at all. In the event of a power outage, the water will simply drain away. You can still take a shower, even though the WWHR system won’t work.

Heat recovery pipes

The specially developed Vortex funnel ensures that the water flows through the heat recovery pipes in the most efficient way. Here, the residual heat is transferred to your cold tap water, before being drained away.

Preheated water

Because the tap water has been preheated, less hot water has to be mixed in to get to the set shower temperature.



How to install the Blue?

What are the Blue’s possibilities? A great advantage is that a total renovation is not necessary. There is a suitable solution for every situation, please see the examples below. 

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Curious about the Blue’s possibilities?

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