How the Loopz works

The Loopz is available in two variations: the Loopz Basic and the Loopz Plus.
The Loopz Plus has a built in UV-C light that further desinfects the water.

Loopz Basic


Sediment filter


Loopz Plus


Sediment filter


UV-C light

The filtration module


Fill the reservoir until the light turns on. When there is not enough water in the reservoir, the LED gives a flashing signal. It is possible to fill the Loopz with warm water.


The water reservoir is located under the deck. When you turn on the shower, the filtration starts.

Sediment filter

This filter provides filtration of coarse dirt, such as grass and stones. This is done in two different ways. First, the design of the tray creates a certain flow. This flow causes the larger particles to accumulate. In addition, the deck also contributes to the sediment filtration. It ensures that not all the dirt ends up in the water.


The microfilter consists of a stainless steel filter that filters small particles such as sand, hair and skin flakes. This filter is fine enough to filter particles as small as 38 microns.


The operation of the pump speaks for itself. It pumps the water towards the optional UV-C light and then towards the shower hose.

UV-C light (Loopz Plus)

The UV-C light is optional and is only part of the Loopz Plus. The LED emits a certain wavelength that breaks down the molecular bonds of bacteria and viruses. 


Finally, you can enjoy your shower! The filtered water from the shower head returns to the water reservoir and the cycle repeats itself.

After the shower, you can empty the water reservoir by using the drain. Make sure you don’t leave any harmful substances in the environment.

The filtered water does not have the same quality as drinking water. Substances that dissolve in water are almost impossible to filter, such as soap.

We are still working on some final details of the Loopz. We expect it will be ready for production around may 2021.

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