Do you want to learn more about the filtration process and how the Loopz works? Below, the process is explained step by step.

Fill / Recycle

The water reservoir is located underneath the deck. Fill until the LED gives a continuous signal. When having a shower, the water returns to the water reservoir and the whole process is repeated.

Sediment filter
When switching on your Loopz, the filtration process starts. The water runs into the sediment filter.

The pump sends the water towards the optional UV-C, after which it goes up to the shower head.

Next up is the stainless steel microfilter.

If you have the Loopz Plus, the water flows through a UV-C LED first. Finally the water goes up to the shower head.

Sediment filter

This filter provides filtration of coarse dirt, such as grass and stones. This is done in two different ways. Firstly, the design of the tray creates flow patterns which causes larger particles to accumulate. In addition, the deck also contributes to the sediment filtration. It ensures that not all the dirt ends up in the water. The sediment filter has a coarse serration which filters out the larger particles.


The microfilter consists of a stainless steel mesh filter that filters small particles such as sand, hair and skin flakes. This filter is fine enough to filter out particles as small as 38 microns.


The UV-C light is optional and is only included with the Loopz Plus. The LED breaks down 99,99% of the molecular bonds of bacteria and viruses. Our partner Aquisense explains how this works: 

A LED produces a pre-selected wavelength from a small amount of electricity. The LED then emits UV-C photons through the water that penetrate the cells and damage the nucleic acid in the microorganism DNA. As a result, UV-C LEDs allow for high-intensity radiation to kill the bacteria in seconds, and its effectiveness is measured in LOGs.

* Only included with the Loopz Plus.

Please not

The filtered water does not have the same quality as drinking water. Substances that dissolve in water, such as soap, are almost impossible to filter.

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