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Which version of the Blue should I choose?

This depends on several factors, like what you want to achieve with the Blue, but also the available height for your installation.

Where can I buy the Blue?

The Blue is available in our webshop.

How long do I have warranty on the Blue?

The standard warranty period is 5 years for normal private use. This can be extended to 8 years.

Is the system only suited for new construction?

The system is  created in such a way it can be used in virtually any situation, in new constructions as well as renovation projects.

Why aren’t the WWHR pipes insulated?

The WWHR pipes aren’t isolated to ensure the water inside  of the system  is able to cool down after a shower. This way, the rules and regulations regarding legionella prevention are met.

Does the pump use a lot of energy?

Using a pump will definitely use some energy. When developing the Blue, extra care was given to have a lowest energy consumption as possible, which is about 32 Watt. The energy used for the pump amounts to less than 0.01% of the energy saved.

Can I still shower if the pump doesn’t work?

If, for whatever reason, the pump fails to work, only the heat recovery will seize. You will still be able to use the shower. Access water will drain away through the drain’s overflow.

Can I just keep using soap like shampoo?

Using soap is no problem whatsoever. All soap residue is pumped away with the wastewater and won’t affect the system. The pump used is specifically designed to handle wastewater from showers and has been used in similar situations for over 15 years.

How often should the Blue be cleaned?

The system is almost completely self-cleaning. Naturally, the bathroom itself will need to be kept clean, but the Blue requires no extra cleaning.


Do you install the Blue?

Hamwells is the developer and manufacturer of the Blue and doesn’t install the systems. However, the system is specifically designed in such a way any plumber, tradesperson or bathroom specialist should be able to install it. Download the installation manual here.

Can the Blue be installed horizontally?

The Blue uses WWHR pipes which need to be installed vertically and are not suited for horizontal placement.

Does the Blue have to be built-in to the bathroom cavity wall?

Building the Blue in isn’t a requirement. In a lot of cases it is possible to install the Blue into a shaft or technical room near the bathroom, but having the Blue built-in to your bathroom is possible as well.

Do I need to replace my hot water supply?

As long as your hot water installation is working properly this won’t be necessary.

Can the Blue be connected to any hot water supply?

Because the Blue systems make use of the residual energy in the wastewater, it does not matter how the hot water is heated.

Technical specifications

What are the Blue’s dimensions?

That depends on the version:
Blue 12 – 38x15x128cm
Blue 16 – 38x15x168cm
Blue 21 – 38x15x208,5cm
Blue HE – 38x15x208,5cm
Download the technical specifications here.

How efficient is the Blue?

This depends on the WWHR pipes used. Download the technical specifications here.

What comes standard with the Blue?

The Blue includes  the WWHR pipe(s), frame, pump, sensor and power supply.


Will the Blue be shipped worldwide?

The Blue systems can be shipped to any location. In several countries, we have a network of partners and distributors. We are constantly looking for partners who want to act as distributors on a regional or national level.

What is the shipping time?

Currently we manufacture our systems per order. Generally, our production schedule is quite busy and delivery time will be about 6-8 weeks.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the system and destination. Enter your order into our webshop, and shipping costs will be calculated for your specific situation.

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