Extreme Watersaving

Fill the reservoir with only 6 liters of water and you can enjoy an endless shower! How? Well, the Loopz recycles and filters the water thanks to its two- or three-stage filtration system. So.. do you have limited access to water but you do want to have the comfort of a shower? That’s where the Loopz comes in! No need to worry about your water usage anymore.

All-in-One system

Thanks to its multifunctional design you are able to place Loopz outside like a stand-alone device but also to install it indoors. Place Loopz in your tiny house, your camper van, your cabin in the woods, on the beach after a day of surfing, inside your tent.. endless possibilities with an endless shower. 

Simply connect the adapter, fill the reservoir and you are good to go! The compact design allows you to easily store the product when not in use.

Life Off-grid

Why is Loopz such a good fit for life off-grid?

Obviously because of its limited water usage, but there is more: the system requires only 12V! Furthermore Loopz is a user friendly product, easy to use and also easy to maintain.

How does Loopz work?

Check out the video below to learn more about how to use your Loopz.
 Curious about the two- or three-stage filtration process of Loopz? The filtration process gets explained here.

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70 x 70 x 10 cm /
27 x 27 x 4″


10 kg / 22 lbs


12VDC connection
24W max power draw


6 liters / 1,5 gallons

Sediment filter, Micro filter,
and optional UV-C LED

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Save water and enjoy the comfort of an endless shower