How the Blue works

Collects the water

The Blue collects the warm, used shower water in the drain. The Blue has a sensor that detects if there is water in the drain. This sensor activates the pump if it detects water.

Pumps water upwards

The warm water is being pumped upwards to the WWHR pipes by the diaphragm pump. No hair and soap residue remains in this robust pump.

In case of a power outage the water just flows through the drain without being pumped upwards. You are still able to shower but the WWHR module won’t work.

Through the WWHR pipes

At this point the warm waste water flows through the specially designed Vortex and into the WWHR pipes. Because of the Vortex the water flow through the pipes is most optimal. In the WWHR pipes the heat from the waste water is being transferred to the cold water supply.

After the waste water flowed all the way through the WWHR pipes it goes down the drain.

Warmer supply water

Because the cold water supply has been preheated, you don’t have to mix as much hot water to get the desired shower temperature.

Receive information

Extra information, measurements, prices and non-binding help to see if the Blue is the solution to make your project more sustainable.