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Pure Four

Pure Four

Indulge in a refreshing, relaxing shower with the Pure Four. This complete shower set provides ultimate comfort, featuring four connections: a rain shower, hand shower, bidet hand shower, and a waterfall bath faucet. A perfect addition to your bathroom


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Pure Four

The complete Pure rain shower set offers four functions: a rain shower, hand shower, bidet hand shower, and bath faucet. The shower is very user-friendly thanks to the keypad control. It even allows you to select different functions simultaneously if your water pressure supports it.

There is no doubt that the Pure Four offers comfort. Obvious is that the height and angle of the hand shower are adjustable via a sliding bar. The showerhead angle is also customizable. Besides that, the included hand shower features various modes, whereof massage jets, a powerful waterfall, or both. Another mode is the water-saving mist option to reduce water consumption.

Additionally, the Pure shower set’s faucet serves a dual purpose, providing a surface to keep your shampoo or soap within reach.

Please note that the Pure Four cannot be combined with the Blue Extensive (glass panel + thermostatic valve).



The Pure Four rain shower set is available in two color combinations: white/chrome or black. In the Pure collection, we also offer the Pure Bath set, consisting of a bath faucet and hand shower.



The included quick start explains the installation step by step. This way you can enjoy your shower without any problems.


Set includes
  • Thermostatic valve module
  • Rain shower
  • Rain shower fixture
  • Hand shower
  • Adjustable hand shower holder
  • Bidet hand shower
  • Shower hose 120cm
  • Shower hose 150cm
  • S-connection (2x)
  • Faucet rose (2x)
  • Packing (4x)


  • Module dimensions: 27 x 12 x 4.5 cm (lxwxh)
  • Center distance: 15 cm
  • Water supply connection: 1/2″
  • Hand shower diameter: 11 cm
  • Rain shower diameter: 25 cm
  • Armature dimensions: 117 x 35 cm

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