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Sense Display: Mengkraan met bewegingsensor, beschikbaar

Sense Display

Sense Display

The Sense is a unique bathroom faucet that enhances your bathroom’s sustainability with its intelligent SmartWater technology. Thanks to the integrated display on top of the faucet, you can easily read the temperature of the tap water. The Sense Display creates awareness and helps in controlling your hot water consumption. Additionally, the Sense Display is equipped with two sensors that allow you to turn the faucet on and off. Except for its convenience, the Sense provides also an efficient way to prevent unnecessary water usage.


Product details

With the Sense Display bathroom faucet, you have convenience and sustainability for your bathroom. Furthermore, the faucet adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom with its design and the combination of high-quality materials.

SmartWater Technology
The Sense Display features two sensors that recognize your movements. One of the sensors is placed at the front: as long as your movement is detected, the water flows. If you want the water to keep flowing, for instance, to fill a bucket, there’s a second sensor. This one is positioned on the side of the faucet, ensuring a continuous water stream until you place your hand in front of the sensor again.

The sensors and display operate on batteries, so the faucet doesn’t require a power supply.

The Sense Display is available in two color combinations: white/chrome or white/black.



  • Connecting hose – 60cm (2x)
  • Mounting materials
  • Battery holder



  • Faucet dimensions: 18 x 5.5 x 14.5 cm (LxWxH)
  • Required mounting hole: 35 mm

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