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Christian Deville
about the Blue
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"We are very happy with our shower. We had excellent contact with the after-sales service, the speed, the seriousness of the brand and the desire to satisfy the customer."
Mendy Saey
about the Blue
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"It is an ecological investment, once you are used to it it is fantastic to see how much water, gas and electricity you can save, the service of Hamwells itself is also fantastic. A must to place in any new or renovated home!"
Rosa Schol
about the Blue
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"Tested during ITGWO, the very best shower of the West Frisian Islands! Delicious hot water and sustainable 💚."
Frits Akerboom
about the Loopz
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"My Loopz arrived a little bit later then expected, but really happy with the product! Less worries about our water thanks to the water saving :)."

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Dé circulaire douche

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